Sarawak Kamek Pergi.

Yeah.Just got myself back from Sarawak for a 2 weeks training session on the ground with my fellow comrades.(Mr Ya Asrul,Mr Naim Jusri,Mr Rahim,Miss Sumayah and so on.Sik terkata.)

First day:-


1)Departed from KLIA around 11 PM with Malaysian Airline.The flight supposedly scheduled 5 pm but all of a sudden,changing of plans occured eventually.Fast forward2X.Arrived at Kuching International Airport after 1 hour and 40 minutes flight.Since the flight received less passengers because of the late flight,when it comes to meal time,me and Mr Rahim asked for the steward for 2 sets of meal respectively.Beef Noodle and Satay with rice.Well,when it comes to food,especially the free ones,no mercy was given.6 Hours of delay did surely gave us a heck of a wait.

12:40am(i considered it as my first day)-

1)Arrived at the Kuching International Airport.Lehman and Kamri was waiting with two super vehicles(the old Honda Civic and a van with no air cond,thx guys).Ouch.The Sarawakian offered only 1 house for us to stay actually.Mrs Rodziah(my bos) decided to take the girls(comrades) to Supreme Hotel in the middle of Kuching while we(guys) headed straight for the homestay.The place was empty for 2 years but it seems like there's someone been living there recently.Plus the owner of the house belongs to a Silat Master(You know what i mean right?).

Second Day:-


-After a splendid and wonderful sleep,we guys headed to Hj Zaini's house in Gita for breakfast.It was the second day of the campaigning period.The flag was everywhere.Posters.Flyers.Owh,forgot about the breakfast.We ate Nasi Padang.Im not pretty sure about nasi lemak in Sarawak.The Sarawakians used nasi padang instead of nasi lemak(cooked with santan).Felt a little bit ackward eating the colourful nasi padang with sambal and boiled egg.Anyways,the stomach has summoned.Theres nothing much i can do.Mamam.

-It was my first time,live,usually watch on TV, nomination of 2 candidate during general election.It was at SMK Petra Jaya.I was given a card by SPR and passed through tight heave security by the polis.(not that tight la,biasa2 je).Waited for hours for the nomination.It was hot.Under the shining sun.Huaa.

sambung nanti.malam dah.capek.