Kem Jati Diri is BACK AGAIN

As-Salam to all malaysian.Here's some promo and school holiday advertisement.

Kem Jati Diri is back with more adventure and excitement.Since it's establishment in 2007,this camp has been a life changing for its participants.Kem Jati Diri 3 is bringing you to a life changing experience and having a better world view in in getting through in our daily lifes .Activities conducted also will be challenging the participant's mind and physical ability in our effort to build young strong muslims in achieving a perfect muslim,mentally and also physically.

So guys and girls,what are you waiting for?Grab this challenge while places are available because first comes first you know.

To get the better and clearer picture of the programme,just clickfive the pamplet above.

"Allah suka kepada mu'min yang kuat daripada mu'min yang lemah"

KEM JATI DIRI is proudly brought to you by Kelab Remaja ISMA,a youth club under ISMA(Malaysian Muslim Solidarity)

for further details,please visit our website at


Muaz Faris said...

sejak bila cakap orang puteh ni plak?

danialarief said...

tukar selera sket..