Jambori Remaja Muslim Kembali

To all teenage readers the hope of the ummah,dont miss the chance to experience the wonderful and exciting program of the Jun school holiday where physical and mental will be pushed to the limit.Spitirual desire will be accelarated.Activities such as team building,mount climbing and much more to go awaits you there.Come,accept this challenge as we will face a moment that you will NEVER FORGET.

for further details,log on to http://krimsak.blogspot.com/ or call the numbers below.
  • Mr Hardi : 0192039390
  • Bro Aiman: 0192392274
  • Bro Danial: 013992032

not to forget...only BOYS are qualified for this program..

this program is brought to you by Kelab Remaja ISMA(KRIM) and ISMA

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