There is Snow in Egypt,right???


A.B.C(ais batu campur-ais batu campur dengan contaminated air) strucked Cairo.It's my first experience being hit by stones from the sky.hehe.Its a kind of messy just now actually,heading back from the Jumuah prayers at Muhammadi Mosque and all of a sudden,ABC launched its bombs.In another way,im wondering this day could be just another Sayyidul Ayyam,which often blesses the day with peace and tranquality in the innerself.Subhanallah.

Here are some facts about 'rain' in Egypt.Most of Egypt's rain falls in the winter months.Temperatures average between 13 °C and 21 °C within this time of period(random guess)

Through some reading in Wikipedia,is said that prior to the construction of the Aswan Dam, the Nile flooded annually (colloquially The Gift of the Nile) replenishing Egypt's soil. This gave the country consistent harvest throughout the years.

I recapture a verse from the Koran,Allah said in the threatfulning chapter of Surah Abasa:

Perish man! How ungrateful he is! Of what did Allah create him? Of a little germ. He created him and proportioned him. He makes his path smooth for him. He then causes him to die and puts him in his grave. He will surely bring him back to life when He pleases. But by no means has man fulfilled His bidding. Let man reflect on the food he eats: how We pour down the rain in torrents, and cleave the earth in fissures; how We bring forth the corn, the grapes, and the fresh vegetation, the olive and the palm, the dense tree'd gardens. the fruit-trees and the green pastures, for you and your cattle to delight in

Here are some few pictures..

Just a careful reminder,in case you have forgotten
-Baba Ali@Ummahfilms-


Anonymous said...

Baba Ali! Sudah lama x nonton.
Hm, ais dan salji di negara panas kan tanda hari kiamat...

danialarief said...

ais dan saliji tanda kiamat??hehe..sini panas???haha.sini rasanya sejuk..sbb winter..tu yg turun hujan ais..

Penawar Suci said...

salam..akh, pernah ker terjadi sebelum ni? ana asyik gaduh ngan adik ana yang born at amman pasal salji......

danialarief said...

pernah je jarang.