Is it considered as Assobiyah???

Today's reality is indeed a devastating state to our Muslim community,the Muslim ummah in every inch of this world.We realized Muslim are being tyranized,being dictated by the evil powers,killed massively,Bosnia,Palestine,Chechnya and so as our brothers in every part of the Muslim world.

As for Muslims in South East Asia,comes a different story and reality,especially in Malaysia.Malaysia has unique background and past history in shaping it's demography and culture.

Once,Malaya and the whole of south east asia was a country as whole,a big,powerful empire that spread civilization all over the world.A civilization that was also recognized also by the Ottoman caliphate and also by the Western world until there is a one imagery or sounding by Western scholars and travelers that Malacca is equal to Venice in Italy.

Malay Muslim was also renowned for their well eastern culture practically done in every angle of their life.They have their own agenda and that would be anything more than puting Islam in the highest place of all in all aspects of their life.The is so much unknown history to be digged of about the real fact of who we are,what we are.

The Malay Muslim Dilemma

Malay Muslim people make so many mistake and the mistake gradually give negative effect to their ownself. You might believe what I will write after this and you might not.Being a Malay Muslim.Here are some facts:-

Logically,out 16.2 millions of 'Malay Muslim' in Malaysia, if everyone approach 1 non-believer every year, we should have 16.2 millions of new Muslim every year.Does this figure shows the current reality in Malaysia.Guess not.Even within 23 years of Prophethood of Muhammad SAW, he himself managed to open almost 300,000 heart to Islam.

In the history of Malacca Sultanate,Malay was excluslively involved in marketing,petty trading,importing,exporting and manufacturing.They were also skilled craftmen,artisans and skilled labourers.But instead,todays reality of Malay Muslim is slightly different.The Malay Muslim view of his inferior economic position due to the British division during their imperial time,the British improvised the Malay Muslim to become only farmers and live in rural areas rather than the Chinese living in big cities.

Social problems of the Malay Muslim have been also the worst case scenario here in Malaysia.Because of the unbracing of the true Islam teachings in theirselves,things such rapes,fornication before married is a common scenario among teenagers and adults.

Politic are even worse.I would say Malaysia has the worst political scene in the world.The production of sex scandal videos,marriage of Minister with celebrities also can described a sick phenomenon of the Malay Muslim world and dilemma in Malaysia.Malay Muslim also can not agreed in one thing although by principle,it shares the same universal value.But because of politics,prejudice of each other makes thing a little hard..


The Malay Muslim must leave their own inferiority complex being indulge with Islam as way of life.Way of life includes the akhlak,politics and so on.The Malay Muslim must also agree in basic islamic issues despite of different political embracement.


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democracy is a product from the west. so, they control the rules of the game. and we r the idiots who r playing this game everyday.

Malay Muslim nowadays are idiots. Not 3 idiots but so many idiots. Malaysia becomes a jungle of idiots.