Aladdin's Jihad

the islamic resistance group(ikhwan) with their slogan
"Dying in Allah's way is Our Highest Priority" and this slogan was first thought by Imam Al Banna.

4th July,a friend from Cheras came down to USJ.An Iraqi actually.Since my mom was not at home,he stayed at my house.He's now taking mechanical engineering at UNICKL in Cheras,Kuala Lumpur

Cut the crap.

Since we talked in English,the post also will be in english

We talked about many things.And the most interesting thing is about his experience in Iraq himself.Amazing actually.

1.His a former fighter againts the Americans in 2004.Not affliated with any factions.Just defending his masjid in Baghdad.

2.His father was an high ranking officer in the ministry of transportation was asassinated by the govt itself.

3.Iraq has a lot of factions,party e.g. Baath Party,Brigade Solahudin Al Ayubi, Al Qaeda, Jaishul Islami and so on.

4.Not all mujahideens are mujahideens.Some of them get paid by the American.

5.Real mujahideens dont kill civilians like some of them always do.

6.Regarding on the Sunni-Syiah issue,he claimed that before the war initiated,the Sunnis and Shite were living in prosperous and harmonious way.Despite of the harmony and prosperity,Iran launched their propaganda and bad influence(Shite Totok) in Iraq.

7.They cursed the Sahabahs especially Umar on his success in liberating Persia from fire worshipping.They also claim that Aisyah is a bitch and a naughty girl.

8.Last of all,we know that withdrawl of the American troops from Iraq is just a deception by the news and media.Claiming that they want to have peace with Iraq.Instead the real truth is that they had a tough time dealing with the real mujahideen including the Ikhwanul Muslimin branch;Brigade Solahudin Al Ayubi.Dozen thousands of military operation conducted by the mujahideen forcing the coward American to withdrawl

9.May God be with Iraq.

10.Mawtini,Mawtini...........lyric will be added on due to the lacking of understanding in arabic.

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